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Neil and The Diamonds

The essence of any Neil Diamond show begins with the music. The powerful, gospel-esq, thundering music of Neil Diamond! What started with a concept so many years ago, was actually in the making even decades before the idea found legs. The Diamonds tribute is a New Jersey based ensemble comprised of eight musicians who didn't just pick up instruments and learn some tunes, but instead are life long professionals in the arts. Horns, piano, percussion, guitars, bass, vocals, and more than half of the Diamonds lineup can play each others' instruments, respectively.

New Jersey's Kyle Cummings spent a lifetime performing as a piano player and works as an entertainer at the world famous Howl At The Moon Dueling Pianos in Charlotte, NC., but his voice has the uncanny resemblance to that of Neil Diamond's own, so the tribute was never a far stretch! As long as a band of pros would fill out the sonic replication of the Diamond classics and in their instrumentation, success was only a set list away. In the early 2000s it started with a solo show in which was quickly shelved due to other musical obligations, and years later it was finally assembled as a complete ensemble, bearing the name Neil & The Diamonds(you kind of know who's music you'll be hearing when the band carries that name)! Although the solo show "Hot August Live" now performs regularly at country clubs & parks and is a polished Neil tribute of Kyle's making, the heart stopping machine called Neil & The Diamonds continues to knock down the doors of any and every casino, country club, and theater they frequent, like a sonic freight train not to be stopped and is now making itself available again, after some serious and welcomed public demand! We hope to see you out at a show soon. So good, so good, so good!

Sincerely, Neil & The Diamonds

‚ÄčNorth Carolina, South Carolina, and New Jersey dates COMING SOON!


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